Rates & Services

The rates and services we provide depend greatly on the skills, timeframe and specific requirements needed to complete the service. As a custom software development, deployment and support organization with a wide range of skills and expertise, JMTS can provide the service and results needed to make your business successful.

Software Engineering
JMTS provides experience in many different areas of the software industry. This experience yields a quality team of software engineers able to design, architect, implement and manage software solutions efficiently and effectively. Secure in-house facilities and resources enable JMTS to provide an environment for the entire project lifecycle in addition to staffing projects at client sites. JMTS makes your ideas a reality.

Systems Integration and Deployment
Assisting you with the important task of meeting your customer's expectations is just as important and critical to your success as Software Engineering. With experience in many high-profile hi-tech companies and their sophisticated legacy systems, JMTS becomes a critical asset to you and your customers. From understanding production environment requirements to writing code to interface your software with your customer's existing systems, JMTS ensures all pieces to the puzzle fit perfectly.

Skills and Expertise

    ePayments technology
    SET Protocol ("Secure Electronic Transactions")
    Java, C, C++, C Sharp, JavaScript
    Web-based technology (browsers, web servers, ColdFusion)
    Servlet technology (JSP, EJB)
    Microsoft Windows, UNIX
    SmartCard technology
    Oracle and SQL Server databases

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